How to Update your NOUN Portal and Gain Access

May 26, 2022

Every new semester, students are required to update their portal before they will be able to gain access. Follow these steps below to update the portal:

  1. Go to on any web browser preferably Google Chrome.


  1. Click on the Menu button as indicated in the image below


  1. Click on ‘Students’ in the menu’s content displayed.


  1. Click on register


and a page loads like the one below:


  1. Scroll down to the Students’ Portal Registration Page and ‘type’ in your Matric. number in the first field e.g. NOU123456789, your surname on the second field e.g. Daniel, your other names starting with your initial and then your middle name on the third field e.g. Blessing David, your email on the fourth field e.g. [email protected], Mobile(phone) no. on the fifth field e.g. 08123456709, State of origin on the sixth field e.g. LA: LAGOS STATE, a Password preferably your Matric. number e.g. nou123456789 for an easy recall. Repeat the same for the verify password field.

Note: Use the details you provided while seeking admission.


  1. Click on ‘submit’ as shown in the illustration below:


Click ‘ok’ on the pop-up as illustrated below:


  1. ‘Successful’ will indicate that your portal registration is successful and you can now login to your portal.

Note: The images are for illustration purposes and may be subject to change!

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Written by NOUNAID You should follow them on Telegram