How to Retrieve an Old Payment Receipt from Remita

May 28, 2022

National Open University of Nigeria collect payment via Remita and you are always given a receipt via your email, and physically if you went to the bank to make payment. There are cases in which you may misplace your Remita receipt or it may even get damaged and unfortunately it wasn’t sent to your mail and you’re urgently in need of it. Do the following:

First, access on a web browser preferably google chrome and the homepage will be displayed with menus as shown in the image below:


Secondly, scroll down and click on the menu item labelled “Resend Receipt or Invoice” as illustrated below:

Thirdly, Input the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR), this is a 12 digit code generated while making the payment, in the field marked “Enter RRR” as illustrated below:


You have to input it with the dash ‘-’ . Fourthly, click on “re-send” to send the receipt to the email address on the receipt.


Note: If you no longer have access to the email address you used on the lost RRR, click on “re-send to an alternate email” to resend the receipt to another email address of your choice which you will be asked to provide.


Lastly, input the amount of money you paid before the receipt was generated and then click on “Submit”. The receipt will then be resent to you via the email address you provided.

NOTE: If you cannot remember the RRR and the amount of money you paid to generate the receipt, send an email to ”[email protected]” for help.

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