How to Process Admission in NOUN

September 19, 2021


Hello, In this guide, I will walk you through how to process admission to the National Open University of Nigeria. That is what this site is all about, I write about the tedious process and it becomes simple. ☺️ 😊

Since this post is about processing admission, I am assuming that you a new to the site and that you do not know how things work.

Getting Started

It will be nice to access the website with your laptop(mobile devices work too, but for convenience, use a laptop. I will provide screenshots for both laptop and mobile phone regardless) You need to have decided the programme you want to study.

Buying the Admission Form If you intend to do an undergraduate programme, the price for the form is N5,000 ( + 200 Remita charge). If you intend to do a post-graduate programme, the price for the form is N7,500 ( + 200 Remita charge).

Now follow these steps:



  • Click on Admissions will redirect you to another subdomain .

  • Click on Apply and select the category of your desired programme( Undergraduate or Post Graduate)



This post will NOT cover PhD Programme and ACETEL Programme application steps

I will go ahead and process a postgraduate programme admission. This step is the same for undergraduates. The only difference is the requirements. You need to have graduated before you apply for a postgraduate programme. Every course has its requirement, but generally, you need to have 5 Credits in your O level (WAEC or NECO) including Mathematics and English.

I will click Apply for a Postgraduate Programme because that is what I want.

  • Scroll down, and click the Faculty your programme falls under.



For instance, if you click the Faculty of Education under the postgraduate programmes, you will be presented with these courses:



  • Click on the programme you have in mind after selecting the faculty. You can view the specific requirements after choosing the entry-level. It is usually 100 level. Unless you want direct entry into 200 Level.
  • Scroll down and click the Apply button if you meet the requirements.
  • Fill out this carefully


The NIN(National Identity Number) is optional.


You must not make any mistake
After you have filled it, click on Apply. you will get an email that has your Reg ID, copy and paste it into the box provided. and click proceed.


The price for postgraduate form is 7500, the undergraduate will be would be 5000. Now click on Pay

This will take you to Remita with your details prefilled

Take note of your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). You can take this RRR to any bank and make a payment. Or you can pay online.



Noticed how 7500 changed to 7661? Additional 161 Naira. That is what Remita charges.

To pay online, click on the Submit Button. This will take you to this page where you have options of payment methods:



I decided to use the USSD option, you can pay with your CARD or internet banking platforms. It is pretty straightforward.

After you have made the payment, either by going to a Bank or paying online, you should note your RRR(12 digits separated by a hyphen β€˜-’ at every 4 digits). It will be sent to your email anyway. 😎 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Applying for the Admission

After you have paid for the form successfully, now you need to complete the process.

Go to and click on Continue after payment for admission and select the category you paid for.



It will take you to a page where you need to input the RRR(with the hyphens β€˜-’) and select the programme you initially choose when buying the form, then click Proceed



It will bring a page that says Transaction Sucessful, kindly click on Fill the form… button



Fill in the following:


Note that some data will be prefilled with the information you used when purchasing your form.


All fields that has asterisk(*) needs to be filled

If you are using two O level, you can fill the SECOND SITTING section. If not, leave it black


First Degree Section for Post Graduate and Direct Entry applicants.


Referees Section( Not compulsory for Undergraduate Applicants).


Preview Form to make sure there is no mistake and then Submit.

You should get this:


Click on Admission Letter β†’ Input your RRR, you should be able to print your admission letter.

Conclusion Congratulations. You have been admitted into the National Open University of Nigeria. Now the next thing to do is to upload your credential and go to your chosen Study Centre for verification and issuance of Matriculation number.

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