How to Navigate GST Website

September 04, 2021

YES, Are you new to the GST Sites? Today, I am going to show you how to navigates your GST sites all my yourself

Follow these steps:

• Type in the URL into your web browser • Locate ‘Log in’ at the top right corner of the page as displayed below


• Input your Matric Number as Username and Password (NOU in small case letters for password) and click on ‘Log in’ to proceed as displayed below.


• Once you are logged in, you will be required by the administrator to change your password.


• To change your password, type in your matriculation number (NOU should be in small case letters) into the ‘current password’ box as displayed in the snapshot below.

• Type in you desired password into the ‘New Password’ box, retype the new password again into the next box and click on ‘Save Changes’. Please Note: Use a password you can always remember.


• If your changes have been saved successfully, you will get a confirmation message to that effect. ****

                                      **YOUR DASHBOARD**

• On completion of all the steps outlined above, you will arrive at your dashboard. You will be taken on a short tour around the interface automatically through pop up guides. • You will find your courses at the ‘Course Overview’ section of your dashboard or through a drop-down list by clicking on the ‘My Courses’ tab located on the left hand side as indicated in the picture below


• Click on any of the courses to access the course page



• On entry, you will see a page similar to the snapshot above.

Course Sections

Clicking on the ‘Course Sections’ tab located on the left side of the screen will give a drop-down list of all sections on the course page for easy access. You can click on any to jump to that section without making use of the scroll bar.


Also located on the left, just below the ‘Course Sections’ tab is the ‘Participants’ tab which allows you view all students registered to that course.


Meet your facilitator(s) To know more about the facilitator of the course, you can click on the link labelled ‘Meet your facilitator’.


A PDF will be located under this section containing links to various resources made available by the facilitator. The file can be downloaded or viewed online.

Online Facilitation

Under this section, a link to the Zoom class and a page containing links to recorded sessions of the live class will be made available to you. To join the Live class at the specified time communicated to you by the facilitator, click on the zoom link and select ‘Join Meeting’. Your zoom application will be automatically triggered, and you will be granted access to the class. If you miss a session, you can access it by clicking on the ‘Facilitation Sessions (Recordings)’ link to access the recorded classes.

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