How to Download your Course Materials

June 06, 2022

To download your course materials which are very important in your academics, follow the steps below:

  1. Access on any web browser.


  1. Click on the menu button


  1. Click on e-courseware


  1. Make sure you have a .pdf reader.

You can download it from an app store like Google play store e.g. Adobe Acrobat reader or download either of these presented in the image below on the e-courseware


  1. Scroll down to the fields marked Level, semester and host faculty


Select the level, semester and faculty that hosts the course material needed. For example, if you want to download CSS371, the host faculty is Social sciences and it is a 300 level first semester course. You select 300 as the level, 1 as the semester and Social Sciences as the host faculty. If you do not find the course on the first list of entries, use the “previous” and “next” buttons near the bottom of the page to navigate through the entries. The drawback of using this technique is that it is a bit time-consuming searching for the course if it is in between the thousands of entries.


Note: The red marking on the image above shows the Previous and Next buttons for navigating through the entries i.e. the lists of books hosted by a particular faculty for a particular level and semester.

However, if you use the search field you will find the course material quickly by inputting the course code or the course title.


Let’s take CSS371 as an example again: we can easily find the course material by typing the course code in the search field as shown below:


  1. Click on the course title as shown below and the course will be automatically downloaded.


You can now open the course material from your .pdf reader.

If you find it difficult to use the above process, you can download the course material from:

Enter your course code and click on “search now” and a page will be loaded with the course material’s title. Scroll down and click “download” and your course material will be automatically downloaded.


e.g. GST101



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