How to Do your TMA(2022)

May 27, 2022


It is mandatory to do your Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)1, 2 and 3 which makes up 30% of your score each semester while the exams makes up 70% which makes a total of 100%. Exams is 70 marks while TMA 1, 2 and 3 make up 30 marks. Each course has its own TMA and each TMA contains 10 questions and each question carries 1 mark which makes a total of 10 marks per TMA. We have TMA 1, TMA 2 and TMA 3. TMA 1 is usually the first to drop on your portal followed by TMA 2 and Then TMA 3. Failure to do any of these TMA’s for any course will lead to an incomplete result at the end of the semester even if you score 70 % in your examination. This becomes a carryover and you will have to register the course again and what about your examination’s 70%? It’s gone.

So, to do your TMA;

  1. Go to and log in to your portal.

If it’s your first time logging in as a returning student at the beginning of a new semester, log in to your portal with your previous semester’s password. You will be asked to reset your password. Input the ‘new password’ you intend using and also input the same characters in the ‘confirm new password’ field. click on ‘reset password’ and then you can successfully access your portal by logging in again.

Note: Your username which is your Matric. no. which starts with ‘NOU’ must always be in lowercase i.e the NOU must always be in lowercase e.g. nou123456789.

New Student usernames are usually their matric. no. in lowercase of the alphabets NOU i.e as an example, nou123456789 as well as their passwords.

If you’re a new student, that means you will be logging in for the first time. You will be asked to reset your password. Input the new password you intend using in the ‘new password’ field and also input the same characters in the ‘confirm new password’ field. click on ‘reset password’ and if the reset is successful, you can successfully gain access your portal by logging in again. We suggest using your Matric. no. as password but remember to add additional two to four numbers or alphabets at the end of your matric. no. But let it be what you can easily recall.

  1. After you must have logged in successfully, click on the menu button as shown below:


  1. Click on ‘My courses’ from the menu and your courses are listed as shown below:


Note: If you can’t find some courses, that means it has been recently registered and is yet to be uploaded so kindly recheck later.

  1. Click on the course you intend working on and a page is displayed as shown below:


  1. Tap on each of these sections one at a time and perform the underlying tasks as shown below:


make sure that the ones that need to be marked are marked green as shown below:


  1. Keep scrolling down to ‘TMA Section’ and then to Tutor Marked Assignment 1 (TMA 1) and click on it as shown below:


  1. Click on ‘Attempt TMA Now’ to start your TMA.

To Navigate between questions, use the Previous and Next buttons near the bottom of the screen or you could directly tap on the question numbers at the bottom of the screen.

  1. After attempting all ten questions, click on ‘finish attempt’ and then scroll down and click on ‘submit all and finish’. Your grade will be displayed on the screen after you’ve successfully submitted the TMA.

Use all the steps above to do TMA 2 and 3.

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